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Million Cities (And One):
A Literature and
Creative Writing
Tour of Sofia
Interactive map of a literary walk

person Author: Will Buckingham

Starting point

Cities are places of multiple belonging. Living in the same city, we share the same territory; but our maps are different. Sofia is a single place. But it is also made up of the interlacing of one and a quarter million personal, idiosyncratic maps, one for everybody who has made the city their home.

In this interactive walking tour, UK writer and adopted Sofia resident Will Buckingham ("Hello, Stranger (Granta 2021)) will introduce you to one of these one-and-a-quarter-million-and-one cities, and through writing and sharing stories, participants will share their own idiosyncratic maps of this place we all call home.

Bring something to write with and to write on! No writing experience necessary, because we all have stories and maps of our own to share.

About the Author

Will Buckingham is a novelist, non-fiction writer, and philosopher.
His education includes a master's degree in anthropology from Durham and a PhD in philosophy from Staffordshire University.
Buckingham held various academic posts including Reader in Writing and Creativity at De Montfort University, visiting associate professor at Sichuan University, and visiting professor of global cultures at the Parami Institute, Yangon.
Buckingham's novels often incorporate elements of his academic interests in philosophy and anthropology. The theme of "otherness" is ever present. This is explored in his book Stealing with the Eyes about his experience doing anthropological research in the Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia (also the setting of the novel Cargo Fever). An interest in the I-Ching led him to learn Chinese, travel to China, and write a novel, 64 Pieces, that consisted of 64 short stories inspired by the 64 hexagrams. His fiction has been translated into many languages.
The children's book The Snorgh and the Sailor was shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards, 2013.
Buckingham is currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria where he teaches creative writing.
Buckingham's new novel Hello Stranger was published in 2020.