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The main topics of these Literary Walks are: Sofia’s legendary cafes, which are connected with Bulgarian literature and authors, as well as other interesting places, facts and stories about Bulgarian writers. Lora Shumkova, an avid reader and urban researcher, will take us on a journey through the most significant moments of Bulgarian culture and literature from 1878 up to nowadays. We will discover the very heart of Sofia in stone and words, juxtaposing the city of peace with the city of war, the city of poetry with the city of fiction, the town from the early 20th century with the contemporary city. Welcome in front of “Ivan Vazov” National Theater to enjoy a special experience, inspired by our love of books!

About the author

Lora Shumkova, author и guide of the Sofia Pages Literary Walk Lora was born in Sofia and has always been interested in the history of her hometown. She loves to explore various neighborhoods with her golden retriever Brian, to treat herself to trips with public transportation and to read books about Sofia. She is inspired by the cosmopolitan European cities and the African culture.